Udita GoswamiMumbai: A love story between an older man with a younger woman. The beautiful relationship is now a script written by the bollywood actress Udita Goswami. As planned Udita will be co-directing in the film and will act in the role of the young woman whilst she wants Naseeruddin Shah as the older man. Udita Goswami is having only one upcoming film.

Unfortunately, most of her previous films depressed the people. Inspite of her blazing appearance, Puja Bhatt directed Paap could not uplift the actress’s career. Whatever may be the fact she is quiet open to state to the media people that forgetting a job she is not interested to suck up the directors as well the producers or becoming nice to the people in this polluted industry.

According to her version seeking for honesty in the industry is just like beating in the bush. As the Media enquired about the contribution of Mahesh Bhatt in her positioning, she casually said that no one since her coming in the industry had favoured her. Udita was quite aggressive in talking differently on item songs. As per her version, the reason of choosing the item songs is related with the monitory factor as well for self-positioning. She highly appreciated about Chikni Chameli of Katrina and said she has done a magnificent job there.

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