Sonam Kapoor in The Italian JobNew Delhi: Sonam Kapoor appears to be highly impressed on herself, to be a part of the remake, based on the British famous film, The Italian Job. Her feeling for being selected in such a film was because of her amazing western image. She was quite bold to express that none is to deny about the heritage and values of India. On the other hand, it would be just a foolish idea that learning from the west should be criticized as mimic of the west. She finds nothing wrong in copying anything of universal value as well their style.

The media was also informed by the actress that value can not be having any distinct boundary or benchmarking. She exclaimed that in the period of globalization it should not be said that western culture is having some evil spirit. Sonam declares to feel proud as an Indian at the same time she feels quite comfortable to be influenced by the western culture.

Incidentally, Sonam Kapoor is recognized as an iconic image to the juvenile generation. As she added India is having enough youth resources full in idealism. They like to struggle to make a better future and they are well accepting the western culture. She concluded saying that youth are the backbone of tomorrow.

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