Raveena Tandon with familyMumbai: The director of the film seems to be bit dissatisfied in concern to the long time writing of the media people about Shovhana’s 7 nights. The director Sudipto Chattopadhyay is very surprised in finding the relationship of his film with Shobhaa De along with her relationship with the publisher of her book. According to the director in Mumbai they have already started the shooting.

The story was written by him based on the life of a journalist woman who was brought up in an orphanage wherein three different generations of men are shown. According to him, it would be simply foolishness to search for the similarity with Shobhaa De as his actress is supposed to be a fiction writer as well as journalist. Going back to the film, he added that Raveena is the actress, who is falling in love with Rohit. He further added that Rohit would be seen as a professional fashion photographer and artist. In a sequence, Rohit asked Raveena for a makeover.

Amit Purohit plays the actor role. Finally, for proving her pleasant appearance Raveena goes for a makeover. The director also informed that the shooting is on the floor right now on a romantic love scene. The director concluded saying that the film would be mainly based on freedom of a woman.

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