Neha DhupiaMumbai: Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia’s career has not reached to its peak till now. But the actress has learned a lot about the whole acting career. She confessed that she is very happy with all the works that she did in her 9 years career. She claims that she knows why the actor makes desperate efforts to take up any role in the industry. She claims that she is afraid of void and no work in her life.

Because of this fact she keeps herself busy in various promotional acts, entrepreneurships, and charity other than acting. She said that she was very much interested into sports before getting into the film industry.

The actress thanked all the helps and encouragements that the industry gave to her. According to her happiness is the most important factor in life. She claims that she is much happier being single. She feels that keeping an eye on the whole whereabouts of the house is a very difficult job to do.

According to her a woman must not emulate a man and should make her own identity. She feels that social networking sites has connected her with her fans and friend to a great extent. It has made easier for her to get the feedbacks about her work.

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