Dhanush in BollywoodChennai: Now the icon Dhanush is in cloud nine these days. Kolaveri Di has made him the emperor of Indian music in one night. Virtually in Bollywood out of the newly introduced melodies, the song of Dhanush made him the hot favorite of the youth. Meanwhile he has signed couple of Bollywood films and his next coming movie is an Anand L Rai picture.

In south Dhanush became a super celebrity and relationally he is the son-in-law of the south megastar Rajnikanth. While talking about the film the director disclosed that, long time he was in a search for a simple looking young man who would have to appear susceptible in the movie for the leading part Raanjhnaa, and as soon he saw Dhanush, he approached him for his proposed film Aadukalam.

As described by Anand ji that his character of the film needs a very truthful as well as common looking young man which suits Dhanush while he emphasized to the people for viewing such an intensifying love story. He smilingly added that his selection of Danush was much earlier before he became famous for Kolveri Di. Wholeheartedly Anad ji appreciated Danush for making Kolveri Di such a success. Fact is that Kolveri Di could be called as a national hymn of India.

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