Abhinay DeoMumbai: The equation is as simple as anything. You take example of Actress Vidya Balan or Delhi based dashing director Abhinay Deo. The year 2011 really gave him an enormous fame in the film Delhi Belly of Aamir Khan production. Just overnight, he learnt in focusing only the selective productions instead of just making useless films.

 The director is very impressed after working with Aamir Khan. Meanwhile, he has rejected offers of three big production of Mumbai. Presently he is working dedicatedly for an Indian version of an American TV series 24 of Anil Kapoor production. In this context, referring about Aamir he said big films without a good script is going to give the makers money but no fame, which is the only factor, counted in the long run. According to him, filmmaking is not just a business. Ahhinay ji appears to be very glad to receive his first Filmfare award on 29TH of January, which is one of his best moments of his life.

Now the award winning director’s look out is only to carry on the velocity that turning to victory. The director also said the film 24, is in a very preliminary stage now. He is very positive to take up the next challenge with his coming TV film. He concluded saying that in TV industry the audience are not concerned to see a Bollywoody story but a good pure Indian story.

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