Vidya Balan Pregnant in KahaaniMumbai: After presenting, the smashing role in The Dirty Pictures Vidya Balan is always in the main headlines. Well it ought to be uttered that in the world of today performance always counts and Vidya proved and deserved this fame. Practically the big people like Mahesh Bhatt, Karan Johar everyone appreciated Vidya for her outstanding performance in the Dirty Pictures.

Today her contribution to the Bollywood industry has given her the place. It is her skill to be such a versatile actress who could play a shy lady’s image in the film Parineeta which is typically a Bengali girl’s portrait. On the other hand, that shy image converted into a warm sexy and sultry figure in The Dirty Pictures.

The media informs Vidya in finding another fun after the comments of Ken Ghose that most probably the actress would be needing a separate room to keep her awards. In fact, Ken’s indication is very clear about Balan. Very shortly, she will be seen in the role of a pregnant woman who is seeking for her husband in the crowded city.

Really, Vidya should be appreciated to dare to accept such a challenging different role and if the preview informs something than once again Vidya going to make a record and win the millions heart with her dedicated work.

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