Neil NitinLondon: He played in the role of a hacker in the film ‘Players’. Can you guess? Yes, he is Neil Nitin Mukesh. At present, he is working in the film Shortcut Romeo, of famous director Susi Ganeshan. The film is a remake of the south film Thirutu Payyale. During his work in his studio, he agreed to act in a remake film since he liked the story and obviously because of the director.

The media source was at his workplace and found him as a professional photographer. In fact, some of his photographs illustrate him as a genius technician. In a smiling face he referred himself fully against of hacking because he himself believes that everyone has own privacy and entering into others room is nothing but a theft. He was found to be reasonably serious about his work.

Neil referred himself as a very straightforward and simple man. He likes to share his feelings with the other people. His liking is for delicious foods. In fact, he was taking a sandwich while he expressed in a light manner that he was not under the group of people who worried about health. He added his disbelieve in dieting. His most disliked thing is thin and skinny girls. Yes, Neil is fond of healthy women.

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