Sameera ReddyPanjim: Perhaps for Sameera Reddy 2011 were not good and the year ended with some unfortunate event. In fact, as usual for the New Year’s party she had numbers of invitations from Delhi, Chandigarh and even from Dubai. Though, she chose the invitation from Mumbai, which was supposed to be performed at Bandra Reclamationon New Years’s day. As the actress explained that her only good intention was to enjoy the time with her family also. However, on 28 December she took off for Goa. This was highly criticized by the organizers as ultimately they were in the staggering position.

The issue rose when she was found enjoying a party on Goa on 31st and she was not in an embarrassing position. However, a close friend of Sameera clarified that it was not at all her fault. Practically there was supposed to be a protest rally in Mumbai just on 31st and naturally, some special permission for organizing the event came into the question, finally the event was cancelled due to non-receipt of permission.

Above all the organization did not pay anything for performing in the event. Sameera said in a cool tone that she could easily have participated elsewhere since she got a number of invitations but she preferred Mumbai only and she was rather feeling bad for the organizers for not getting the permission.

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