Divya Dutta with Karishma KapoorMumbai: In fact, the sweet smiling actress Divya Dutta had no other option but to communicate her disappointment in all the people who makes all rubbish stories. Such useless stories would not yield any good result for anybody she says. The actress adds with confidence the filming of Dangerous Ishq is absolutely going on smoothly.

How this rumour could be there that for somebody else, a top notch actress like Karishma Kapoor would be feeling insecured, wondered Divya. In fact according to Divya Dutta people would find Karishma making a dazzling comeback through this film.

The news source says there were some rumours spread after completion of Dil to Pagal Hai and Train to Pakistan since 1998. It was regarding the best supporting actress, who will be honoured with the National Award was the debatable topic. Though the National Award was won by Karisma but that was deeply criticized.

However Divya herself expressed that it was worth and only Karishma deserved it. The media also said that whatever may be the fact but Karishma is bit nervous about the appearance of Divya which might be gracious than her. The Dangerous Ishq would have every possibility to take Karishma in a limelight again after a long time. Her co-actor in this film is Rajeish Duggal and it will be a 3D movie.

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