Bipasha BasuPune: Now it is once again Bips in planning to work for commercial productions. In a meeting, Bipasha said that she is having enough experience about all pros and cons of criticisms.

Virtually the fact is that she was quite busy with some offbeat projectiles in the previous year and that resulted the media people to written her off. She further added that an actress should be obviously versatile with adequate challenging attitude to act in all types of projects. Very soon, Bipasha will be exposing herself dressed in red-hot bikini to crackle the silver screen with the film Players.

According to her, it might be considered as a birthday gift for the films. She was also asked about her car fascination considering her role in Rhea. She said quite humorously that it is not even in her knowledge about her car fascination. This was the demand of the film and they are having certain obligation to the films to do the roles accordingly. She was quite thrilled about her film career where all the ingredients that made her successful were available. Bipasha also added nothing could contribute more in an actor’s life than the film.

She has love for film industry and wants to be forever working in both commercial or offbeat movies.

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