Big BMumbai: For a personality like Big-B, everything is possible. He has proved himself as a genius versatile personality who can make any unimaginable thing possible. Just think from just being a zero how he got himself up in Bollywood taking so much of hurdles and troubles and ultimately made his empire. We are now talking about that versatile genius, the megastar of 69 years who is now taking regular lessons to learn piano. No wonder as the megastar says that each and everyday until the end of each one’s life, all of us are learning something. Therefore, what is the harm in learning such a marvellous music that pleasures mind?

Amitabh informed some media about one of his best friends Aadesh Shrivastav who is supposed to be one of the best music directors, composers and a multi dimensional person. One fine evening he was just giving some basic idea to Amitabh who felt it almost like touching the God. He immediately made up his mind to learn about Piano from the next day. According to him, there are enormous thing concealed in the earth. One can only learn them with full dedication and honesty. We know Amitabh is such a person who can make anything possible. Let us look forward for something more from Big-B.

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