Yash ChopraHollywood: Yash Chopra wants to make an entry into Hollywood. The veteran production house Yash Raj Films has started producing movies that cater to international audience. The YRF company funded by Yash Chopra and headed by Uday Chopra will enter the US and international arena.

Uday Chopra issued a statement that his family is a film fraternity very much interested to promote cinema that is enriching and enlightening, also entertaining them at the same time. He also shares his familie’s emotion and also likes American films so he has started the new organization so as to fuel his creative mind. The film is a comedy starring Jason Bateman, Olivia Wilde and Billy Crudup. It is based on the story of a guy who is at heart still a child and lives with his parents in a hotel at Manhatten. But he is suddenly disinherited and evicted He also falls in love with his best friend’s girlfriend. So he is at his wits end.

This film is named as The Longest Week and is written and directed by director Peter Glanz. Produced by Uday and Neda Armian. The head of the production team is Jonathan Reiman. The film shooting has started in New York, USA.

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