Kashmira UrvashiMumbai: When it comes to small screen, that is television industry, both these ladies Urvashi Dholakia and Kashmeera Shah are treated as the hottest properties of the industry. And what can happen if the two women are present in the same show? We will get an extra dosage of glam and masala. That’s what exactly happened in Zee TV’s Rishtey Awards 2011. Urvashi presented the “Most Mastikhor Actor” award while Kash presented “Best Khalnayak” Award. But much fun happened when the two got engaged in casual conservation, and Urvashi by mistake pronounced Kashmeera’s name in a wrong way, to which Kash chided Urvashi rudely.

Urvashi was prompt to rectify the mistake while mocking Kash. All these was not on script, yet somehow the casual talks followed this argument. Urvashi is the most entertaining vamp onscreen till today, and in real life, she is actually not a very smooth talker, if she gets negative vibes from the opposite party, she will revert accordingly. So next she asked permission from Kashmeera to announce the names of the winners. And to make fun of Kashmeera she was emphasising on “Kash/Cash” every time while pronouncing Kash’s name.

And when presenting the ‘Best Khalnayak’ award Urvashi asked Kash that does not it feel good to be bad on screen, Kash said she prefers to be bad off screen, that gives her a lot of CASH. This cat fight between the two hot ladies was really a thing to watch, which everyone enjoyed!

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