Sunny LeoneNew Delhi: Sunny Leone who recently entered the house of Scandal (Bigg Boss) has hit India big time especially in the big and small towns of India. She is a adult movie actress who joined Bigg Boss, a reality TV show. The Google Trends generates date about the highest number of searches and according to it, Leone is highly popular in Noida, Bhubaneshwar, Ludhiana and Bhopal.

The data has been collected since the last 30 days. Before November 16th, there were very few searches on Sunny Leone. But after November 16th, four days before she entered the show the people searching for Sunny Leone saw an explosive increase. Google describes it as “breakout”. Orissa stands first among the popular searches followed by Haryana, Delhi, MP, and Rajasthan.

Most people search the name Sunny Leone correctly. The second search were those who wanted to make a wallpaper on her nameand images not withstanding the fact that she is a porn star. Some typed Sunny Bigg Boss, Sunny Deol wife etc. So there was a related rise in Sunny Deol related articles. Some people want to see her videos which is evident from the latest google searches. She has suddenly become a big star in India and abroad also.

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