SholayMumbai: No doubt, it is an innovative idea to make the biggest commercial hit film of India Sholay in 3D. The decision was from Subhas Ghai and this was the starting point of the controversy. There was a big dispute in between GP Sippy’s son and Grandsons with a legal point that Shippy’s grandsons cannot give the license right to some other company.

However Sascha Sippy one of the grandson of GP did not make any remarks on that while Suresh Sippy told to the pressman that Ghai has no right at all to convert the film Sholay into 3D while they are already having an argument amongst their own family on this issue.

In fact, this was conveyed to Ghai by lawyer’s letter about the proceeding. Now it is the turn to see what Mukta Arts is going to do. They in fact trying to come out of this controversial issue since they had worked with Maya Digital led by Ketan Mehta and

Mukta Arts having a good share in Maya Digital. Finally, we hear Ramesh Shippy who was the director of Sholay is having no problem with the license issue. One of the family friend said that Ramesh is now not a part of the family business. While Ghai informed that, he was only a partner of Maya Digital and having no interest about the conversion of Sholay. Unfortunately, Ketan Mehta and Deepa Sahi kept mum on this issue.

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