Pooja MissraLonavala: Pooja Missra was out of the “House of Scandal” Bigg Boss on charges of offensive, aggressive behaviour. But she is all set to re-enter Bigg Boss 5 again as a translator for Australian Andrew Symonds. Andrew Symonds is cricketer who does not know Hindi. She will help Andrew participate in conversations with other members of the house. She will herself not be a participant. She will leave the House as soon as Andrew Symonds is evicted.

Pooja Missra was a much discussed contestant because of her argumentative behaviour towards others. She used to pick up a fight with anyone and everyone. She retaliated violently and her reactions could not be predicted. She was asked to leave the Bigg Boss House as she picked up a raw fight with Siddharth Bharadwaj. When her eviction happened she told press members that she was a victim. Now with her re-entry into the house, one has to wait and watch what the consequences will be in near future.

Bigg Boss is a reality TV show in which people are locked up in a House and are always under the camera spotlights. Their behaviour patterns are recorded and their opinions are given out over the Bigg Boss show.

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