Mandira BediMumbai: Mandira Bedi has done four films in the career of 15 years in silver screen. She has done a few TV serials. She has been host in cricket commentaries in T20 cricket series as well as the series of SMax. She has been in spotlight for odd and out reasons. She says that she has given birth to a child on 14th November, 2011, on the Children’s Day, so situations have changed for her. Each aspects of her life have changed.

As a mother she wants the most good for her son. She was working, acting till she was 7 months pregnant, then she took a recess. She has to think a lot before she accepts any proposal of acting assignments. She has to do full justice to her job, make right notes to her career, at the same time look after the comfort of her baby son. She is looking for some character which play an important, necessary role in the storyline of the film. She refused to act in a film with an elder co- star. She says that she has much downs in her career than her ups.

Still she is happy with this situation of her life. She is looking out for the right character to be played at the right time in the places like rural and Urban’s. She would involve herself if any better opportunities strike her career. She is not waiting for a film, but she knows how to take things to her stride. She debuted in a TV serial named “Shanti”. She has not shunned completely from TV. The TV world has changed ever since then, they are trying out new things and are making stories other than saas- bahu stories.

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