InklabPunjab: A movie concerning Bhagat Singh has run into troubled waters. It was not screened at the International Film Festival of India because its director had some trouble at the Censor board.

Chandigard based Gaurav Chhabra’s movie Inklab has been named Antinational at the Censor Board and nine cuts have been made. Censor Board says that the movie Inklab defies section 5B ot Indian Cinematographic Act 1952. The film should have avoided communal, anti-national obscurantist content. The Censor Board cut has become a rude shock to Chhabra and he was sad about the event.

He says that the film advocates freedon of speech, rights to information. Chhabra is a doctor becomming a filmmaker, activist. He says that the film has contemporary views on today’s youth and politics. The corrupt politicians should be punished according to the movie as the youth are fighting for their birth rights all round the world.

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