Imran KareenaNew Delhi: This story is for them who wait for Kareena’s film especially in comedy. It will be a romantic film EK MAIN AUR AKK TU with the actress no one but Kareena Kapoor against actor Imran Khan. This will be a super hit film for the next year 2012. Just after the shooting of the film, Imran declared that Kareena is his most favorite actress.

Imran appreciated that Kareena is very friendly, warm and cooperating co-star. Throughout the film, he has seen her dedicated work. As per Imran just for her enthusiasm, she is favourite amongst everyone of the unit.

Imran also added that Kareena is like a light bulb. And as soon as the director comments ‘light’, ‘sound’ and ‘action’ one can not move his or her eyes from her face. She is so gorgeous, just like a magic. Imran is so impressed about Kareena that when asked about the ranking of the actresses he said that his hand lifts to Kareena only. This is not the end of the story. Imran admired the thirty-year wow girl and no wonder during the shoot he took many pictures of Kareena. According to the producer, the film will be released by next year Valentine’s day.

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