Dev AnandLondon: The most romantic hero of Bollywood Dev Anand was an archive of talent. He kept writing about his life till the end of his days. He in a recent interview tagged his life as ‘marvellous’ and said his life would go on as long as he continues to live, and he will continue to live till his mind lives and moves on. He even said one’s mind can keep him alive his body for a long time.

All power lies in one’s own mind. A creative person’s mind will get sharper with age, and Dev Sahab’s mind was sharp till his last day. Many though Dev Anand got feeble with age, but he indeed got sharper and sharper with age, though his filmography declined steadily.

Dev Anand was the film maker who discovered the genius in Tina Munim Ambani. Tina Munim transformed from a college student to a beautiful actress, not only she possessed a beautiful body but also a great mind. He also gave all of us Zeenat Aman and Richa Sharma who was Sanjay Dutt’s first wife. He began working on another film as soon as his last film “Charge Sheet” released. He did not believe in doing business utilizing his talent. His talent was for himself only.

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