Big B TwitterMumbai: Film director Shirish Kunder is working on a film with super star Amitabh Bachchan, and Kunder says the film is very much similar to the storyline of “Pursuit Of Happyness”, and the audience will be able to relate themselves with the film. Its a fictitious story, not based on real life incident, but it is a drama basically and has got elements of comedy in it.

Shirish was found in an event for the launch of music album and he said the first time he saw the Will Smith movie, he was reminded of the struggles he had to undergo to reach this position in Bollywood today. “Pursuit Of Happyness” is based on the biography of Chris Gardner who is a millionaire, but had to struggle with homelessness for a year.

Gabriele Muccino directed the film, Will Smith played the role of millionaire stock broker while his own son Jaden played the role of Chris’s son Christopher Jr. Shirish says only he who is a real struggler can make films like that. He can identify with the story because its really a tough task to get a ticket to Bollywood being an outsider. It has been Shirish’s dream forever to work with Mr Bachchan and he kept a special screening for his last film “Jaan-E-Maan” which Big B attended also.

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