Arjun KareenaMumbai: Heroine is a film to be directed by Maadhur Bhandarkar, casting actress of filmi family namely Kareena Kapoor. Heroine is not absolutely a Kareena Kapoor film any more. It is just a romantic, warm, healthy relationship a heroine and a hero. Arjun Rampal should be given a feeling of gratitude, should be grateful, credited because he gave force to the fact that his role has been clearly depicted in the movie.

The producers of Heroine are UTV Motion Pictures. Arjun is of the opinion that there should be few changes in the storyline of the film, narration of the script. These changes were included in the film deeply and extensively. It was Arjun’s idea that there should be changes in the Heroine story, it was a true tale, not a rumour. Arjun advised these changes for the good direction of the film. The producers and directors took into consideration these offers and proposals regarding the storyline of the film. He was grateful to the producers and directors for the same.

Arjun won National Award for his acting in Rock On. Arjun said he does not have any difficulty, any problem, doing those films where ladies play an integral role in the film. He has acted with Kareena Kapoor in We Are Family But he said that at this point of time of his life he will not be able to do role of side actors. Heroine is a romantic, love, warm story between a hero and a heroine in reel life.

There should not be any confusion in the above matter because they are actor and actress in real life also. Heroine starts its shooting on 26th November, 2011, with Arjun Rampal as the only male actor in the film, as said by Siddharth Roy Kapoor, who is CEO of UTV Motion Pictures.

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