Sunny LeoneMumbai: Sunny Leone is an adult movie star who has recently entered Bigg Boss. She is of the opinion that being a porn star is not exactly meaning a prostitute. She belongs to the adult entertainment house in USA. She had never done any planning to be porn artist but things were too good to be true on the economic front. So she had taken up the the work. She is of the Indian origin and her parents were extremely unhappy when they found out what work she was doing.

They were at their wits end and were angry when they realized that she was an adult artist. She was prepared beforehand for this reaction. Her father said that whatever she does she has to do it well Her mother also accepted it finally with with very much bewilderedness So she was not dis inherited by her family. she claims that the work she does does not change her as a person.

She further says that Indians do not have a adult film industry. She had to do hard work to run her company of selling the videos online and in the market. She is interested in Bollywood and believes that she will get good work here. She is very much her own person and has absolutely no regrets as she has got great near and dear ones.

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