SRKMumbai: The popularity of King Khan is soaring high day by day. The latest symbol of his fan following was being witnessed recently when he came across his craziest fan on earth, FRK or Farooukh Khan. This craziest fan of Shahrukh is from the family who, coincidently, itself is the totally submerged in the colours of the Badshah Khan and even name the youngest of the daughters on the super star.

FRK, though from the Punchgani, will be featured in the UTV show “Live My Life”. It is said that she left her job to see the man of her dreams and thereby, for the show she could live his life, no matter even it was only for a day. But it is sheer a game of luck which took up the saddles. When Shahrukh Khan got the scent of her being fired from the job, he offered her a place in his own entertainment company.

Shahrukh is not a lesser mortal, so this generosity has proved that he is a genuine person and all his matters have been tackled by him with true concern and this makes him the real super star as he was determined to make the “Live My Life “ a true experience for FRK.

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