Shiney AhujaMumbai: Shiney Ahuja ‘s new releases as an actor were “Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi” and ” Gangster”. But he was soon trapped in a rape case at the beginning of this year. But he wants to comeback into the silver screen again so that he can financially support his family because all know that he is a versatile, hard working, successful actor. Return of Shiney Ahuja into silver screen is by horror film namely “Ghost”.

He was seen in Bollywood three years ago. ‘Ghost’ is produced by Bharat Shah. Ahuja was charged for raping his maid. He was imprisoned for seven years by a Mumbai court in 2009. He refused the conviction in the Bombay High Court. Presently he is out of jail on bail. In a person’s life there are good times and bad times. In good times we must thank God, but in bad times we must not complain God. Because bad times are like examinationin one’s life, good times are like blessings of God. Good and bad times are like two sides of a coin. It is necessary for bad time to come after good time and vice versa is also true.

We should learn from our bad times so that we can improve our good times and lessen the pain of bad times. Ahuja is the only bread owner in his family. So wanting to express himself and financial crisis, he would like to join bollywood again. Ahuja is thankful and shows gratitude to Bharat Shah who has believed in Ahuja’s talent and acting skills.

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