Sayali BhagatNew Delhi: Sayali Bhagat has filed a police complaint on Anant Narayan who is her PR head, for sending SMS that various people of movie industry have been harassing her. The name of Shiney Ahuja comes first on the list, followed by Sajid Khan, Arya Babbar and Amitabh Bachchan.

Anant Narayan claims to belong to the royal family of Bhareh which is completely a fraud Anant Narayan is boked by the Police for false reports and emails of sexual harassment and misbehaviour by these stars. But Sayali has absolutely no information about he incidents stated in the emails because it is false. Sayali is not available for comment.

Anant Narayan is represented by a group of lawyers but his bail plea has been rejected by the Mumbai court. His case starts at the earliest and if he is convicted he will be sentenced to 3 years of jail. Also a fine of Rs 10 lakh might be imposed on him.

But Shiney Ahuja will not take any legal action. Anant Narayan was reportedly mobbed for being taken to be Ranbir Kapoor, having him surprised and amazed. He is just a very big snob because he says he has contacts with the cream of Bollywood. But this is far from reality.

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