Sachin JoshiMumbai: Sachin Joshi is a newcomer whose very first film “Azaan” is in the halls nowadays. It is an action packed fast pace drama which is going soft on the booking window. But this could not shake the determination of this young guy who is belonging to a big business family and the love for acting draws him to the film industry.

Though he has faced stiff resistance here from some quarters of film fraternity, yet it was not able to deter him as he said that it was just like that you were being ragged on the first day of your college which fill you with more determination.

According to him, in the Hindi film industry, only new producers would be welcome but as far as the new actor is concerned, it is no a bed of roses and he has to put up a great resistance to such type of behaviour.

Though he is trying to escape to make any comment as it is too early to say, but he is now determined to make his own way and currently he is busy in two productions, one is romantic and the other one is a thriller.

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