Rakhi Sawant in LootMumbai: Rakhi Sawant is angry and upset withthe Censor Board cutting out from the song “Jawani Ki Bank Loot Le”, following words “Choos Le”. On the occasion of Diwali, Rakhi believes that the Censor Board has done an inappropriate thing. The fiery actress has a conviction that even if in a single context the words “Choos Le” is offensive, but, in the context of the movie the words are used in the right direction.

The actress thinks that the Censor Board is strict only for small stars and banners. She says that while the Censor Board has passed a song called “Jhak Maar Ke” without any cuts, the reason being that the song picturizes big stars like John Abraham and Deepika Padukone. The name of this John Abraham starrer film is “Desi Boyz” As always Rakhi Sawant is in the eye of controversy over the Censor Board on charges of being “biased”.

Rakhi Sawant wants to create controversies always, whether it is with films or otherwise. She believes that the forthcoming movie “Loot” will be at a loss without the song which the Censor Board has cut out. The lyrics of the song read like this” Mein russ malaai hoon, jannat se aayee hoon, saamne prosi hoon aake choos le…hey…saiyaan jawani ki bank loot le”.

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