Purab KohliPune: Purab Kohli is a different category actor but he has got success even in that angle of film career. His success in films like My Brother Nikhil and Rock On!!! has made him an established and talented actor getting huge appreaciation from the public. Presently he is doing ventures like Turning 30!!! and Hide & Seek.

Purab is reportedly doing art movies and non commercial films in far past, but in near future he can choose from the roles, proposals given to him. Purab has been in films 8 years now, he has now known the nuances of acting. He says that he is not SRK or Amitabh Bachchan that he will be proposed 50 films a year, but he is given the proposal of 5 films out of which he does one or two a year.

He says that a celebrity popularity always is important, necessary and counts. he says that he has not shunned completely from TV. He wants to have a show which showcases thrill in travelling, small screen is a correct platform for the above.

The Video Jockey are now going on to Bollywood. The latest is Ayushman Khurrana’s Vickey Donor. Purab has two films namely Jal and 10 ml Love. Jal – which is a love story amidst desert, releasing in March. No news for 10 ml Love.

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