Puneet IssarNew York: “I am Singh” is an upcoming and forthcoming film which highlightens the Sikhs who were prey after 9/11 due to violent activities regarding race. “My Name Is Khan” was directed by Karan Johar. The story was like this that there was a Hindu women who loved and married a Muslim, events changed after 9/11. “New York” said the story of three students studying at NY University whose life’s changed after the attacks. “New York” was made by Aditya Chopra. “I am Singh” is about Sikhs whilst “My Name Is Khan” and “New York” wanted to showcase the idea that it were Muslims who were behind all attacks and terrorism.

Not only the people who wear turban is a Arab or Afghan, because Sikhs also wear turban. Puneet Issar made his debut as a director in Salman Khan ‘s film “Garv” (2004).His second film is “I am Singh”. the film in the question reveals the fact that Sikhs who lived in US for many years with their friends, families, relatives were wrongly taken as being Arabs and Afghans and become prey of terrorism after 9/11.

The Sikhs were having beard and wearing turban so they were wrongly taken as to be Arabs or Afghans. The film features Gulzar Chahal, Mika Singh, Rizwan Haider, Tulip Singh and Brooke Johnston releasing on December 2.

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