Beti BMumbai: Abhishek Bachchan is too much delighted by hearing the news of he birth of a little angel in their family. He is happy by this blessing of God being bestowed on to him. Shahana Goswami has told that the baby girl should be given the name Beti B as given by Abhishek. Sr B is Amitabh Bachchan. Jr B is Abhishek Bachchan.Ash and Abhi are trying their hard to keep a name for the little angel.

Beti B is a good name as told by the parents of the cute girl. Sr B and Jr B spend all their time seeing the cuttie, every action of her, every movements of hers. Abhi could not wait for the home coming of Ash and baby. He says that it is a precious, valuable, important, necessary moment when their family is blessed by the little angel, always thanking their fan’s blessings and the gratitude of the media, film industry as a whole.

The health of Ash and baby is fine so they are to go back home as said by Abhi. The electronic and print media has been very kind hearted, supportive and giving respect to both the parents. According to Abhi both Ash and he have become parents for the first time, it is very exciting turn of events so Abhi expects continued support and affection from the media. Big B has become grandfather for the third time.

Sr B says that there has to be again the process of rearing up the child from Nursery to 10th, 10th to 12th, 12th to Graduation. She has to be well mannered, religion knowing and further keeping up to the marks of her talented family

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