Kangana RanautMumbai: Kangana has said that she is partying out with UK based doctor namely Nicholas Lafferty for over a year. The two people met each other when the actress of Kites namely Barbara’s Mori’s brother named Kintaro took the introduction responsibility.

Kangana said that they were in love with each other on a chat show, also informing that though they are away from each other like North Pole and South Pole, still they are very close to each other by way of video chatting. The two have not been seen with each other nor have been seen in gatherings amidst their friends, still the actress admits that there is serious, healthy, romantic relationship between them.

Currently a photograph of Lafferty was given to be published in a celebrity journal by Kangana. Information has revealed that in pictures there are many girls except the actress in question, along with Lafferty. These pictures were seen on Facebook. That may be because she is an established actress, not liking to come into limelight regarding her personal life, wants her photos to belong to herself as a person.

Another option is that this is an open relationship, as because Kangana name is associated with the name of many of her co -stars in near past. Lafferty and Kangana are not friends. Reportedly Kangana used to spend time with Lafferty in London while shooting for Tezzz, but nobody like cast or crew who were working with her have seen them together. Lafferty was never seen even meeting her on the sets of Tezzz. Question arises that if Kangaana talks about the fellow amidst public, why she cannot meet him publicly.

Kintaro says that he did not introduce anyone namely Nicholas Lafferty to Kangana through a common friend. Kintaro said that his name is being misused to carry this information and introduction meeting because even Kangana ‘s close friends do not know anything about it. Let time speak the further story.

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