Desi BoyzNew Delhi: Desi Boyz is ready for release on 25th November, 2011.This film has brought together Akshay, John, Deepika, Chitrangada, the rest need also to be mentioned like Rohit the director, then the cast and crew. John has always known to be a good biker keeping many bikes. Their promotion of the film is a little different. For this purpose they are doing bike network throughout the length and breadth of the country so that the idea of being Desi is known to the masses, youth and public in particular.

Earlier Akshay and John were not in good terms with each other, but in near present, at a party they put all their differences off, they have become good friends now. The film Desi Boyz has taken a great role in making friendship between them. After Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar is regarded as the fittest actor in Bollywood. The above statement was made by John Abraham.

Further Akshay said that John was having a healthy competition with other actors in Bollywood. He has a body which is appealing to the public, particularly the women at large. Desi Boyz is a “Dramedy “. Gay scene between Akshay and John is just a rumour. The film is not Dostana-2, but it is a comedy film full with drama.

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