Chitrangada Singh in Desi BoyzShimla: Chitrangada Singh, is charged up after her role in a comedy flick named “Desi Boyz” directed by Rohit Dhawan. Till now Chitra was praised for her only one film done in the beginning phase of her life, but with this film she is ready to prove herself one time more. She is absent from the promos and trailers, but she says since she is having a different role in the film, her looks wont be revealed so soon.

There were rumors of her spat with Deepika Padukone, but she clearly denies it saying she had no scenes with Dippy. Chitra says that she thinks over the role before signing in for a film. She does not intend to be the next Madhuri Dixit of Bollywood, but chooses wisely her films. Chitra also said its only director Sudhir Mishra who understands her choices, thus she signs on any films offered by Mishra. Its only he who knows a lot about the insecurities and feelings of women.

Chitrangada has also been offered the lead role in “Mehrunissa”. Its about a muslim girl from Pakistan, and Chitra says she would soon visit Pakistan to enact the role perfectly. Its a love story set during the partition of India and Pakistan. But as of now, Chitrangada is working on Sudhir Mishra’s other film with Arjun Rampal.

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