DeepikaLondon: However hard the two Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone and Chitrangada Singh try to hide their animosity, its getting surfaced day by day. No heroines can tolerate other heroine’s intervention in the same movie. This only happened at the sets of “Desi Boyz” by debutant director Rohit Dhawan. First there was a fight among the kittens for a hot pink dress, and this time for another reason. It happened at the studio in Goregaon.

They were shooting the film’s making, and both of them were avoiding each other’s shadow even. The “Boyz” John and Akshay tried hard to keep everything normal but failed miserably. On the first day of shooting, which was held in London, the ladies just said hi hello.

But then, a few are even saying that all these are just publicity stunts. Actually there is no such tension between the heroines, but the film is not at all getting any response from the audience so the makers are creating such gimmicks. Stories are being made up of, to draw the attention of all. This is a possible explanation, but then, may be seriously both the heroines are creating problems on location with their negative vibes towards each other.

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