Binny SharmaLucknow: Since the ages women have fallen prey to man’s lustand the same holds true today also. This is depicted in a movie known as Bijuka which has the longest rape scene in Bollywood. The female lead Arti Rautela is victim of gang rape by her husband and Panchayat members. The rape scene is 7 minutes long and is finely depicted by the actress.

The masterplan behind the rape scene is to show the physical and mental turmoil of a lady who is being raped. Arti had never thought that she will do a rape scene but it was an integral part of the plot and storyline of the film. The cast, crew and director of the film had full co-operation towards her and she was asked only to show the expressions on her face.

The movie was made under a banner known as Parshva Productions. It was to be shot in Bina but due to the interference of locals it was shot in Vidisha. It was shot in only 6 days. It is only 74 minutes movie. There is no background music as the director wanted to portray it as a realistic movie. It a movie about a victimised women.

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