Aishwarya RaiMumbai: Ash and the entire Bachchan family are miffed at the report of Ash undergoing a C-section on 11/11/11.According to the sources the various family members are upset by the reports of this delivery so as to have the baby on this lucky date.

The Seven Hills hospital and Ash’s publicist have both jointly condemned the reports published by the tabloid. The reports are wrong and imaginary news. Spokesperson for Ash say that the report is false and misguided. The Bachchan family will not interfere with the course of nature for just the course of a lucky date. This is the case of just blind journalism. The report also falsely suggests that Ash goes to hospital at 7.30am foe routine checkups. This also suggests that Dr Vinita Salvi visits the international star. This all is denied by Ash herself.

Dr Pai, VP of Seven Hills hospital is also of the belief that such stories should not see the light of the day. They put the doctors in a bad public image. Also he states that sonography is done privately and not in open wards. Such false news only serve to ignite raw minds and serve no other purpose. Ash and Bachchans deserve better than that.

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