VIPPune: Bollywood gets an additional debut with VIP making his debut in the movie “Bol Bachchan” directed by Rohit Shetty. VIP says this is his first movie and Rohit Shetty has assisted him to fulfil his dream. His dream was to be a part of the movie always.

When media people questioned him about his performance and character in the movie he states that he works in a company related to dramas which are carried on by Krushna. He says when he met Rohit Shetty; he was told that he required a imitator to cast in his movie. It is said that Rohit told him that he was looking for the role of his kind, and Rohit was confident enough that VIP would be ideal for that character and would do a awesome job. Actually VIP thought it was a dream for him as he received it in the form of a phone call from Rohit’s assistant, and afterwards he did not get any news related to that so he assumed it to be a fake call.

VIP says he could not just sit and wait and made an attempt to redial on the same number and enquired about what he was offered and thus he was offered the role and he is very glad and happy that he will be doing his debut movie in his own hometown. He is so overwhelmed with joy and happiness that his debut movie is happening in his hometown Rajasthan.

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