Sophie ChoudhryNew Delhi: Sophie Choudhry shared some personal moments in an interview held recently. She was born and brought up in London. Due to the influence of western culture she started partying at a very tender age, and as she grew up to be in her late teens, she got sick of discos and parties. Her mother is very liberal and allowed Sophie to go out with her elder brother. Her late teen years were her best years, she could drive and hang out with friends also she joined the university.

So everything was new for her, like she got new friends, then went to new clubs. Although, drugs and alcohols are eye-catchers for every youngster, Sophie was a confident young lady, and avoided both alcohols and drugs. Her only passion was music, and thats the reason she liked clubbing and partying hard, since there were great music always.

Not only is Choudhry associated with the music industry for a long time, she has also made her presence felt in several films of Bollywood. It was “Aamdani Atthani Kharcha Rupaiyaa”, where she had a guest appearance. In 2001, “Le le Mera Dil” was released which was Sophie’s first album. While in 2009, “Sound Of Sophie” was out, although it was not a chartbuster as her other releases were.

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