Sonika KaliramanMumbai: According to the media collected information Sonika, who was a TV actor in the show was born and brought up in Haryana and had lived in California with her husband called Siddhartha Mallik.

It is said that in the year 2000 both got married and lived a happy life by living together. Sonika entered the Bigg Boss 5 show with a six-month baby bump last week. Her colleague contestants sent her home with good wishes, which Sonika had accepted happily. This was Due to the turbulent environment in the Bigg Boss house. She will be giving the birth to a baby in the month of December, which had created a history of Bigg Boss.

Sources say she wanted to promote women empowerment and her intention was to spread the good message that the pregnant women should not be imprisoned inside the house but they should be given freedom to lead a normal life. Bigg Boss readily allowed Sonika to quit the show after the dispute between Bigg Boss participant Pooja Mishra and with other family members. Sonika had accepted to quit the job and she had decided to go back to her husband and family, while other participates were shocked with the decision which was taken by Sonika without a second thought.

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