Shahid BipashaNew York: Bollywood news talk a lot about Shahid Kapoor and Bipasha Basus’s break up that happened recently. It is said that hardly a few months after they both were united together, Bipasha Basu and Shahid Kapoor have broke up from their short term relationship, which was a few months old.

The media men inform that the break up that occurred only couple of weeks before that was soon after the release of the movie “Mausam” and previous to Bipasha Basu leaving to Greece for a film shoot. Actually it is said that Shahid Kapoor got more and more uninterested in Bipasha Basu immediately after the first enthusiasm of getting in touch with an important person, after a few days.

According to sources, Bipasha Basu assesses people at their face value. Just as Bips was trying to know Shasha well, and how far would Shahid be able to reach in life, they had break up. After having a break-up with actor John Abraham, Bipasha was not in an urgency to fall into an another relationship or affair. Bipasha Basu was cautious of getting introduced to a new person, but took risk of getting closer with Shahid Kapoor as he really followed her at the beginning.

Nevertheless, associates who were related to Shahid and Bipasha guessed that their break-up was not very far!

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