Sanjay DuttNew Delhi: Sanju Baba has debuted in Television as a host some time back with “Big Boss 5”. He received numerous offers from various channels but chose BB5, since its watched by viewers the most. Salman, Sanju’s friend also insisted that Sanjay should do something for television, and BB5 was the golden opportunity. As a celebrity his life is always the focus of photographers and cameramen, so he too enjoys to learn about other people’s lives as they are being watched constantly in the show.

Sanjay says its not because he is media-shy that he maintains a safe distance from the media, its because media always exaggerate one’s stories, so he avoids. As he is hosting the reality show, his relatives, his fans, his near and dear ones, have all responded positively. Sanju seems to be disappointed by hearing the news of his spat with Salman. He says they are good friends, and nothing of such kind has ever happened.

Sanju also says he loves to make friends for a lifetime. And his current best friend is Ranbir Kapoor. But he does not believe that nothing is permanent in Bollywood. For him, friends are made for lifetime! Sanjay also quips that his family’s daughters don’t enter the film industry, thats the reason, his daughter never made a stint in Bollywood uptil today.

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