Pooja MisrraLonavala: According to Bollywood sources gathered Shakti Kapoor may be a criminal in films, but when it comes to the house of Big Boss, dealing with Pooja Misrra it is visible to the audience as if she is being looked as the villain in the House of Scandal.

It is said that Pooja is always called as PM, is suffering from mental pressures and stress, as Bigg Boss has not given one of her two bags, which consisted of her everyday accessories, which also includes most of her clothes, pictures of her deity, medicines, and beauty utilities. In addition, her leg has been wounded as she came in the house of BB.

Media persons gathered information saying that in particular, she has been facing standard offensives from nearly all of the participants, the master of crime being Pooja Bedi, who has been repeatedly branding her “disobliging” and “conceited”. Pooja Bedi states and feels that Pooja Misrra does a lot of over acting which is only pretention, has a lot of attitude problem and also is undergoing some mental problem. As per Pooja Bedi, Ms Misrra is having lack of positive attitude and also has some major mental problems.

Bollywood sources say that Bedi has battled so much against Pooja Misrra till date that the other participants which includes Shakti Kapoor, Shonali Nagrani, Vida Samadzai, Mahek Chahal, Sonika Kaliraman Malik, Laxmi NarayanTripathi and few others also have become narrow-minded.

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