Naseeruddin Shah with Vidya Balan in The Dirty PicturesNew Delhi: According to the sources Naseeruddin, has put his steps for a song for the film Tirchi Topiwale. It is said that in the song he was wearing a purple dhoti, a golden waistband and a headgear.

People say that we should salute him for his willingness to wear a Dhoti and dance with such a costume because when the costume was shown to many actors they have disagreed to wear the costume. Sources say that the choreographer of the movie Pony Verma said that it was hard to play a dance which includes a golden head gear and an arm band. The song which he had played was Tu Hai Meri and it was a fantastic song, has become very popular mainly with the costume. Without an imagination Naseeruddin Shah had been signed for the film.

Media says that, the actor of the film had felt that getting into the costume was very tougher other than putting his steps by wearing that costume. People say that his demand had been increased with mainly the costume and his steps following the costume. Naseeruddin thinks that the song has hit in the film mainly because of the costume. The costume has made the movie fly up in a higher extent.

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