Gul PanagMumbai: Gul Panag who is well known for her rough and tough unconventional looks in Bollywood, has said that she feels the fitness icons of India are none other than Bipasha Basu and superstar Akshay Kumar. Gul herself won the title of ‘Miss India’ in the year 1999. Gul says now that women should not dream of getting a size zero figure, instead should be fit.

Gul told that fitness is not at all related to size zero figure or being skinny. Gul says one’s aim should be to increase her’s strength as well as endurance. Size should not be bothering us. She also said that nowadays girls are after Kareena and Katrina’s super slim look, but actually its Bips who is fit. She says being slim does not mean that the person will be too fit. So our idea of fitness which is related to being slim is not at all correct.

Gul is now 32 years old, and she seems to be very fit! Some time back, she also got married. It appears that Gul is going to come back to Bollywood and films soon. She has been appreciated always for being a beautiful lady who has also got intelligence.

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