GeneliaChennai: South Indian star Genelia D’ Souza feels her cute childish face and image should be taken off or rubbed off as it is not that good to have such an image in the industry and she is not that recognized due to this.

Media claims, that Genelia feels it is not bad to look lively, sparkling, always but she feels it is repeatedly felt impractical.

It is said that Genelia mentions that after the movie “Janne Tu…Ya Janee Na”, she has performed in only two movies. Nevertheless, the character role of Aditi was too tough that she was at all times linked to animated personality. Surviving bouncy and charming is habitually associated to obvious, and she is very keen on changing this character. Genelia herself spoke to the media during the press meet for her upcoming movie “Force”.

She speaks about her character role in the forthcoming movie” Force”. She mentions that her role is of a more responsible woman than a college-going girl in this film. Her role in the movie is exceptionally charming and a bold character.

Subsequent to making place for herself in Telegu cinema industry, Genelia has done her Bollywood debut in the movie “Tujhe Meri Kasam” followed by “Masti”, however Genelia’s initial gigantic hit was the movie which released in the year 2008 named “Janne Tu…Ya Janee Na”.

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