Emraan HashmiNew Delhi: From the source it has been accumulated that Emraan Hashmi was being upset during the shooting time. Emraan and his team had gone to Delhi for the shooting of the film Jannat 2. According to Emraan Hashmi this is for the second time happening during the time of the shooting.

As per media, Emraan fans were curiously trying to have a look at the actor Emraan and from that we came to know that how many fans are there for Emraan Hashmi. There are hundreds of people spilled on the road to see Emraan. The same thing also happened in the shooting time of the film Chandni Chowk, which was being carried on October 8.

From the sources it has been gathered that the shooting of the film which was done in a spot of Delhi was supposed to be finished on one day but because of the crowd it had been extended up to three days. The film maker Mahesh Bhatt says it is common in all cases people will be excited to see the actor or actresses but the makers have no right to stop them because the fans are actually the main cause for the film to be a blockbuster and earn profits.

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