Bipasha Basu in Beetle CarMumbai: According to the media it has come to everyone’s knowledge that the famous Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu had brought a new Beetle. Bipasha Basu is a well known actor because of her good looks, acting, dancing, glamour etc. She has been creating her own team of fans in the film industry. Her dream was to buy a Beetle for her own and the dream has been made true now within such a short period of time.

From the sources we have came to know that actor Bipasha Basu was feeling happy by driving the new Beetle by herself. She named the Beetle as Brad, in front of the reporters and she said that she is elated to have found Brad and she will roam all around Mumbai with her Brad.

According to the sources it has been collected that she has taken Beetle because she hate to depend on others for her work. According to her depending on others is a bad thing, its useless to wait for others to complete one’s own work. Now after having Beetle Bipasha will not wait for the driver in order to drive a car as she herself drives the car. Out of excitement Bipasha has wrote all this on micro blogging site twitter. She is proud to own this new car and drive it herself.

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