Ali ZafarLahore: According to Bollywood news, media gathers information that Ali Zafar after performing in a chain of romantic movies, now wants to step into action packed movies and give it a try. The actor cum singer Ali Zafar states that he wanted to be an action based hero and wanted to perform something different and intangible. He says he loves sci-fi-stuff.

Media says that Ali Zafar when he was a child used to sketch and write his own action hero comic books, to fulfill his childhood’s wish he is by himself working on to suit for action roles. A body type can and will be modified as per a movie’s need. He does not wish or like to imitate or copy anyone. Sources say that Ali Zafar loves Bruce Lee since he got his own recognition into his movies. He was not tracing anyone. Similarly Jackie Chan and Indian actors like Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan also got in their own different identities into their movies and did not go by any one else’s saying.

According to media, Ali Zafar now wants to be an action hero like how he dreamt during his childhood days. He has done enough of romance filled movies and now wants to get a change by doing action thrilling movies.

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